Banner showing an overhead shot of trees boarding crop fields

Sustainable Farming

Farming...With An Eye on Stewardship

For over a century, Gorrill Ranch has pursued sustainable farming practices with an eye on stewardship for the land. While these are ‘buzzwords’ in the farming industry, at the Gorrill Ranch we embody the principles of sustainability as instilled by our great grandfather, Ralph. We incorporate practices that enhance natural habitat and, over the years, we have participated in numerous programs that support local ecosystem for native wildlife, fish, and migrating waterfowl.

Most notable projects:

  • Partnership with state and federal agencies for wetland habitat for migrating water fowl
  • Preservation of 40 acres of native oaks and natural habitat that are home to deer, turkeys, beavers, and more
  • Planting of native bee habitat to help preserve and strengthen native bee populations
  • Spring-run salmon restoration on Butte Creek (Learn More About This Project Here!)

Renewable Energy

Since 2009, the Gorrill Ranch has aggressively pursued investment in renewable energy. Today, we are proud to say our ranch is 100% powered by solar—from our ditch pumps, to wells, to our shop and rice drying facilities, every kilowatt is powered by the sun.

Many solar panels in front of Gorrill rice drying facilities